Welcom to eseltee.

Welcome to my website. I am Lisa Lawrence, a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, offering speech and language therapy in and around the Southampton area.

With over 22 years of experience working in a range of settings, I have been able to adapt my therapeutic approaches to motivate and inspire people in developing their communication skills. Throughout my time as a Speech and Language Therapist, I have attended a range of training, enabling me to incorporate an eclectic selection of approaches and techniques aimed to enhance the skills of speech, language and communication (including Augmentative, Alternative Communication). Through continued collaboration with yourself, we can agree a bespoke package which is tailored to your specific needs/the child’s specific needs.

I have extensive experience of training for parents, education staff, medical/therapy staff and undergraduate SLT students. I have carried out audits of inclusive communication within settings and contributed to these improvement plans in line with national guidance such as the ‘5 Good Communication Standards’ and other guidelines like ‘The Communication Commitment’

My specialist area is supporting people on the Autistic Spectrum and people with Learning Disabilities and I have over 20 years experience of working within this field.

If you are unsure whether Speech and Language Therapy may be beneficial or would like further information, please contact me for a free initial 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your/your child’s needs and what I could offer.

Our Testimonials

"Great training given by Lisa. Interactive and very informative. Brilliant. One of the most interesting trainings I have attended, kept me engaged and focussed throughout"

Residential Care Worker

During the National Autistic Society Autism Accreditation at TreeHouse School, London, Communication was highlighted as an example of GOOD PRACTICE:
"A member of the review team observed two group sessions where pupils from various classrooms were brought together to develop communication skills in a motivating and interactive way."

"Specialist therapists ensure students with communication difficulties get the support they need so that they achieve well."

The Bridge Ofsted Report April 2015

"Our 5-year-old son has been having regular weekly sessions with Lisa for the last 6 months. We feel these sessions have been both beneficial and enjoyable for our son and Lisa uses a wide range of different techniques to engage with him and pursue the various goals set out in the agreed plan."

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